Class Curriculum

1. Buttercream Making

+how to use 4 ingredients to make our signature Italian meringue buttercream, which is heavenly delicious and rich, using our Dear Harley recipe
+how to achieve a silky and smooth buttercream texture - perfect for cake decorating

+how to avoid bubbles when making buttercream with a stand mixer

2. Cake Assembly

+how to fill and crumb-coat a perfectly straight cake with buttercream

+how to create a smooth buttercream coating with a multi-tone effect

+how to achieve the popular razor sharp buttercream edges

3. Cake Decorating

+how to melt chocolate without burning it

+how to make chocolate discs with Dear Harley deluxe sprinkles 

+how to securely place anti-gravity discs on cake top as decorations

Class Details

Dates: 29/10, 13/11, 3/12

Time: 19:00 - 22:00

Cake Size: A 4-inch Round Cake/ Student

Fee: $900 HKD

Dear Harley signature Italian meringue buttercream recipe included

Dear Harley signature vanilla cake recipe included

All tools and equipments will be provided in class

Light refreshments will be served in studio

Please wear light and comfortable clothing for the class

Please be on time for the class as the class will start on time

Despite the amount of sugary bites in the studio, you may want to fill your tummy before the class!

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