Geode x Isomalt Cake

Class Curriculum

1. Baking

+how to bake a soft and moist cake

+how to level the layers and keep the cake moist for up to 2-3 days

2. Buttercream Making & Cake Assembling

+how to make Dear Harley's Italian meringue buttercream

+how to evenly fill and stack the cake with buttercream

3. Cake Decorating

+how to make an isomalt sail

+how to create a frosty buttercream finish

+how to create a geode design on the cake

Class Details


Cake Size: A 4-inch Cake/ Student

Fee: $1350 HKD

Dear Harley signature vanilla cake recipe included

All tools and equipments will be provided in class

Light refreshments will be served in studio

Please wear face masks throughout the entire class

Hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays will be provided to students at all times

Please wear light and comfortable clothing for the class

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