Welcome to Dear Harley Workshops.

If you would like to learn all the basic knowledge and skills that will enable you to single-handedly make both impressive and delicious designer cakes,
our Dear Harley Basic Course
 is perfect for you.

This course, which consists of 5 modules, is intended to introduce and advance the fundamental knowledge of baking and cake decorating to beginners or art lovers who would like to explore more about the cake world or even pursue a designer-cake career. Students will be able to manage both buttercream and fondant cakes with a variety of designs by themselves after completing all 5 modules. 

You may also join each module selectively.


+Learn to bake soft and moist cake layers using our Dear Harley recipe

+Learn to cut perfectly equal and straight cake layers for assembling

+Learn to use buttercream to create a semi-naked cake with white chocolate ganache


+Learn to build cakes with Dear Harley ganache instead of buttercream 

+Learn to cover a a cake with fondant 

+Learn to create sharp corner edges with fondant, avoid bubbles and elephant skin 

+Learn to create the trendy geode design


+Learn to make delicious Italian meringue buttercream using our Dear Harley recipe

+Learn to create a perfectly silky and smooth buttercream coating on a cake with a multi-tone effect (choose your own colours!)

+Learn to create sharp buttercream edges 


+Learn to build a stable structure for a two-tier (or more) fondant cake

+Learn to use silver transfer leaves

+Learn to prepare fresh flowers safely before using them for cake decoration

+Learn to use a dummy for cake decorating


+Learn to build a stable structure for a two-tier (or more) buttercream cake

+Learn to create buttercream sides with a solid concrete effect and sharp edges

+Learn to make sugar sails as decorations 

+Learn to decorate with fluorescent splats

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